• Luciana Vieira


With the evolution of fashion, one interesting topic that has evolved a considerable amount throughout the years is that of the female swimsuit. Between a one-piece or a two-piece swimsuit, there are different styles, prints, colors, and options to choose from the sexiest to more conservative ones.

Thong bikinis are commonly used in Brazil. However, I have a preference for the ones with more coverage. I love my body! It is just a matter of style. They are comfortable to wear, especially at the beach, and also emphasize my waist.

The animal print became a fever in the runway collections three years ago. Countless pieces of clothing had creatures stamped from T-shirts to dresses, beachwear couldn't be different. I remember buying a cute Zara long sleeve blouse with a cat pattern as a part of my enormous clothes collection. The main animals that we seem printed on the clothes are tiger, jaguar, fox, wolf, dog, owl, cat, and more. The looks with this print are ideal for young girls and modern women, who like less formal, less conservative looks.

To escape the risk of infantilizing the look, prefer traditional cuts, and combine the pieces with more adult ones.

When shopping for a yellow swimsuit, I didn't have any style in mind; I just needed color to accentuate my newly fresh tanned skin. This color combination is versatile. The yellow is dominant, and the black and white combo is a classic. Besides, warmer colors are all about summer.

Have you noticed that the most notable brands have animals as their iconic logos?

Swimsuit - Aliexpress | Beach Cover-up - Amazon | Hat - H&M | Sunglasses - Carolina Herrera

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