• Luciana Vieira


How often do you wear red pants? If you wear red pants more times than you can count, you’re a true fashionista. But if you rarely glance at red pants, you might want to revise. This is the best time to do so!

Red is a color trend that stood out and will no doubt be all over our Instagram and on every cool fashion girl. No other color is so rich in symbolism. It is fire and passion, anger and sin. In China, red is associated with good luck and prosperity. 

There are many ways to style a pair of red pants. Discover how you can inject this trend into your style.

These pants look great for different occasions — semi-formal events, work, enjoying the weekend or a date night. They are sleek and stylish enough for the office, but in a bold hue that will keep you out of the boring style. 

 If you’re wondering what to pair your new office-friendly red pants with. Any neutral color like black, white or beige will work, but you can also incorporate print and patterns. I found this black with bow top and loved how the red details worked with the red pants. As versatile as the pants are, so is the top. 

Last but not least, the red belt is a complement of the look that turns into a fun and casual ensemble. And I couldn’t resist pairing this outfit with my favorite Chloe Drew crossbody bag that I use most days.

Since it’s summer in Brazil, I chose my red-heeled Michel Kors sandals, but your stiletto heels or pumps will also look polished with this outfit.

Trousers - Calvin Klein | Crossbody Bag - Chloe | Shoes - Michael Kors | Sunglasses - Fendi | Earrings - Boutique de Semi Joias

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