• Luciana Vieira


Over the years, the Tulum style has gained popularity that established itself as a fashionable destination. Well, I must confess the trip was last minute planned and one of my favorites vacations ever. What should be a seven days vacation turned into a nine days retreat in paradise.

But truth be told, the excitement of wearing the outfits I thoroughly picked before packing when once I step off the plane into the tropical humidity of a beach town like Tulum, all that great enthusiasm goes out the window. Your vacation style becomes a rotating wardrobe of the effortless lightest pieces of clothing. Obviously, I could not wear all the compositions I packed. Furthermore, my hair was all messed up with Tulum water. Wear high heels is almost impossible, as the streets in the hotel zone aren't paved. Wedges would be more appropriate. Take only pieces that will mix and match with at least two other styles, Tulum has this bohemian-chic vibe, so embroidered dresses, cutouts, and ruffles are welcome.

The entertainment options and sightseeing are enormous. For this reason, I was only able to take fewer pictures than I expected, most of them on the Instagrammers spots.

Next time I will spend more time in Mexico and definitely take better photos. Let's take a look at my outfit ideas below.

Multi-color crochet bag

Vibrant colors and lush green foliage are signs of Tulum! I tied a printed Kenzo scarf and paired it with the Zara shorts. Also, add the multicolored crochet bag to the composition. The bamboo earrings complete the look.

Halter Tropical Dress

Be transported to the jungle with this stunning cutout tropical printing dress. To add an elegant touch to the outfit, I wore two bracelets and bamboo earrings.

Here is another printed blue cutout dress to match the sky of Tulum.

The bad hair solution

I found the turban the perfect hair accessory solution for the bad hair day before exploring the clear water of Cenote Azul.

Loose, breathable dresses were the only way to survive the heat. Another cutout dress paired with a pair of minimal sandals and a crossbody straw bag.

One-shoulder swimsuit.

Swimsuits are ideal for a day at the cenotes as one-piece swimsuits are much more secure for swimming and can save you from some embarrassing moments.

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