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I Feel Pretty (2018) stars Renee Barret (Amy Schumer), a funny and capable but insecure young woman working as a sysadmin in a high-end beauty company. Her job is to maintain the site. Her office is a closet in the basement company, her only employee is IT Mason (Adrian Martinez). Her weight is above average. Its forms are not ideal. From struggles with insecurity and inadequacy, suddenly she wakes from a fall, believing she is suddenly the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. With all of the confidence in the world, she also becomes a receptionist job at LeClaire cosmetics company. She’s the same person, but different—and the movie tells us the primary difference is confidence. It’s all in her head.

The film’s costume designer, Leesa Evans, specializes in dressing for body confidence. Evans prefers to wear simple, comfortable outfits as often as possible. She styled Renee in bright colors and playful prints, looks that ensured that Renee would stand out.

Even though Amy Is the main character. Avery LeClaire, played by Michelle Williams, steals the fashion scene.

Michelle Williams, seen here wearing Gucci

Michelle's performance as Avery LeClaire Renee's boss at LeClaire, for praise. Williams is exceptionally committed here, putting on a blank expression and speaking in a high baby voice to embody an ultra-privileged fashion-world scion. Her hot brother, Grant (Tom Hopper), is often plastered on the covers of tabloids, typically with Brazilian models. LeClaire's family is intimidatingly famous. The matriarch Lily (Lauren Hutton), Avery's grandmother, run the business with old-school know-how; Meanwhile, the LeClaire office is staffed with mean-mugging models-to-be and sentient mannequins.

Some actual models appear in the film, such as Naomi Campbell and one of the protagonists Lauren Hutton (right)
Naomi Campbell wearing an off-the-shoulder dress
Avery wears the best runway dresses seen in any film.

Gucci Floral Print Cocktail Dress

Avery in a Gucci Belted Wool Silk Dress
Dolce & Gabbana pale blue dress covered with a pattern of golden lab puppies and roses.

In her supporting role as Avery LeClair, heiress to the cosmetic line, although apparently sufficiently highly educated and quite well looking for her corporate position, Avery feels insecure and requires help. Hence, she suddenly uses wonderfully uninhibited Renee to deal with her physical (vocal) limitations, lack of business ideas, and other frustrations of her somewhat awkward position. Already established as a dramatic actress, Williams uses this chance to skillfully break into comedic acting by spicing her character.

Jenn (Caroline Day) is wearing a silky black polka dot tie-neck blouse, a shirt that I have. I bought it at H&M. I was excited when I saw that she was wearing my blouse in a movie.

I feel pretty is a refreshing comedy with great laughs the whole time. Renee displayed what it feels like to be more significant in this society and what it feels like to lack self-confidence. There was a great message, and it was good to see that from a movie straight out of Hollywood. This film had everything, a great story - and message for current social issues, comedy, and romance. It was 100% pure entertainment. It is a must-see!

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