• Luciana Vieira


If you're wondering how to dress for sweltering weather and chilly indoor leather jackets are a classic answer. The piece has long durability, plus it's been a fashion trend over the years. Also brings a unique charm to the look.

This jacket is as minimal as it gets. The studs almost feel like beading, making it easy to style with because it feels soft and feminine.

I invested in tone on tones and paired with denim pants for a discreet and elegant composition. You can't go wrong with jeans. Another classic choice is the long sleeve white shirt. These two pieces work really well together. Plus, high heeled boots will give an easy-going vibe to an otherwise mostly classic outfit. Following the jackets, oversized sunglasses have been in style for decades, and by wearing them, you can make a strong fashion statement. I wanted to achieve the same utterance by adding the book tote to the outfit. The gray silver shiny elastic boots complete the look.

Leather Jacket - Karl Lagerfeld | Jeans - Express | Long Sleeve white blouse - Ann Taylor | Sunglasses - Chloe | Boots - Neiman Marcus| Book Tote Bag - Dior

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