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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Summer, it isn’t here yet. However, we’re almost there!

That's the perfect season for being outside, plus sunbath is my therapy. This is why this Fashionista loves this outfit. Rocking a strapless dress is a stylish way to showcase radiant tanned skin and a great fashion sense.

The black denim strapless dress is not exactly an adventure-friendly piece, but it is a must-have in every women's wardrobe. No wonder, the style is commonly seen in the collections of the runway.

I have had this no label dress for so many years that I can't remember!!

Just do a quick search and you will come across dozens of celebrities who choose the strapless dress as a look for a gala event. Oscar, Golden Globe and, Grammy are just a few examples where this style is successful on the red carpet. Like them, it is possible to choose a model that fits ​​your body type and has the ideal touch of elegance to make your combination right.

The most important thing when wearing a strapless dress is to feel good and beautiful. And, you need to be aware that we have different bodies and, it is very likely that the strapless dress that you've seen that actress at the Oscar ceremony probably does not have the same fit on you. To avoid this type of frustration, use photos of women who have the same body type as yours as inspiration.

The correct size will make a difference. Women with large breasts can opt for a strapless structured dress, which will lift their breasts. Women who have small breasts, on the other hand, can choose tighter models like mine. Consider not wearing a bra. Although many women still do not feel comfortable enough to go out like this, going braless is a real liberation and one less concern when it comes to pulling off the strapless outfit. Don't worry about the shape of your breasts, remember that we all have different breast shapes.

I usually opt for flat shoes or sneakers when out as most heels tend to be uncomfortable, but being a 5’2” foot tall girl, it's nice to get a little lift, plus, the camel color help elongate my legs and makes me look taller. Besides, the block heels are pleasant to wear.

I bought this necklace two summers ago and hadn’t worn it until last week when I realized that it is perfect for summer.

Shoes - Marlene Fantini

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