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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Sex and the city the story of four women living, working and dating in New York City, but its storylines were characterized by the fashion choices of each lead character.The clothes are like another character in the first movie, Sex and the City. Each of the four main protagonist developed her own distinct style that we all loved in this show. It's a challenge to choose which star wore the best outfit. None of the four girlfriends goes unnoticed on the SATC movie. One detail I noticed and I loved is the excessive use of belts. As you will see below.

1. One of Carrie's trademark looks goes big: The flower pin.

Bradshaw wears this flower dress in the introductory scene when she walks and talks about love and labels. She paired the diamond stud earrings with a yellow wallet and a Tiffany bracelet. To complete the look, she wore the Dior shoe, another piece that can be seen in other scenes of the movie.

2. The fabulous four girlfriends are back.

Another introductory scene. Happily embracing their settled life. Carrie wears Ralph Lauren top, pants, tie and vest with Manolo Blahnik shoes. Charlotte wears Prada. Miranda wears an Alberta Ferretti dress and Luciano Padovan heels. Samantha wears a Valentino skirt, Fendi bag, and Thierry Mugler belted jacket. Last but not least, Miranda wears this gorgeous Alberta Ferretti dress with a belt.

3. Carrie's Roger belt.

This super fashionable studded belt is in almost every scene in the movie. In an interview for People Magazine, Sarah Jessica Parker confessed that this belt was her favorite accessory. The first photo with the Burberry leather jacket is incredible chic. What about The Eiffel Tower handbag? Only Carrie can wear that bag and look outstanding.

4. Samantha Belted outfits.

Samantha is bold and outspoken in her opinions and her clothes. Everything Samantha does and say exudes confidence. No one can accessorize a belt quite like Samantha. She's glamorous and effortless chic. The queen of dressing for her body shape.

5. Charlotte York Goldenblatt pregnancy dresses.

When arguing with Big, Charlotte wore a stylish Oscar de La Renta polka dot dress with a pink trench coat. The second choice, for her baby shower, she chooses the same shape dress with a different print, which made pregnancy elegant. Two super feminine pieces.

6. Miranda Hobbes Geometric Dress.

My wardrobe is filled with clothes of a variety of colors and shades, but there is always the color that I give a higher preference; this color is the black and white combo. Miranda's geometric print dress won this time. Maggie London dress is stylish and chic. Another right choice, the Lovers + Friends golden-yellow off-the-shoulder dress looks fantastic with the brown belt from International Concept both pieces affordable. And more time here, the use of belts takes the outfit to the next level. It looks ultra-sophisticated.


7. Blue Manolo Blahnik Wedding Shoes.

Manolo Blahnik's encrusted Hangisi Jewel pumps were the most searched for wedding shoes online for a while after the release of the SATC movie. She wore at the end of the film, paired with her no label pure white suit at her and Mr. Big's courthouse wedding. Two years ago, Manolo Blahnik re-released their "Hangisi" high heel as part of a special edition collection. Which was also the 10th year movie anniversary.

I must confess, the hardest part of writing this article was cutting down the number of outfits I was going to include. But two things I like on this film is that Patricia Field (SATC costume designer) and her team did shop for Carrie's clothes (especially at vintage stores), but also borrowed pieces from high-end designers. Carrie had a mixture of styles, from a thrift store to uptown classic – just like her sense of fashion. An excellent example of that is the no-label white suit set that she wore for her wedding, and she styled up with the Manolo Blahnik shoes. The main four characters also wore items that the average fan could afford. Another detail is the use of belts that made all the difference in their outfits. Each one with her own personal-style flavor. I own a lot of belts myself that I love mixing with my looks. To conclude, I can say that: The clothing became an unnamed fifth character in the movie!

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