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Summer is around the corner!

I intend to spend as much time as I can at the beach. Be prepared, I will share some of my new beachwear acquisitions in the following posts.

Every year I like to wear different swimsuits and bikinis. I must confess that I bought at least ten new pieces for the summer of 2020. Obviously, I try to minimize my budget while shopping for beach style and, I mix labels and no-labels bath suits. This particular vintage polka dot swimsuit was purchased from AliExpress. The quality is exceptional, besides I read the reviews from other buyers before buying it. An interesting fact is that the most expensive item in this outfit is the hat.

One of the funny things in the fashion world is that no piece ceases to exist. It may even stop being manufactured for a while or not show up on the Catwalks, but it will surely come back one day and, that is what happened with the retro bodysuit. However, the polka dot has never been outdated. It is one of the most charming classics of woman wardrobes and transits between all styles: from the most romantic and delicate to the most daring and stylish. Norma Smallwood, the first Native American to be crowned Miss America, was photographed in 1926 wearing a body-hugging polka dot swimsuit. Following the publication of this photograph, polka dots seemed to have a resurgence in fashion. I have an eternal love for this pattern, they go with everything, and they always look chic.

The swimsuit I am wearing helps to shape up the silhouette and highlight the curves, especially the waist.

The cool thing about bringing these old pieces to the streets again is that they come to please all audiences. Some girls prefer to resemble the vintage style, some others like old with a touch of the new. That is what I wanted to accomplish by wearing a contemporary black hat.

Regardless of what your biotype, throw yourself in the retro swimsuit without fear. Do not be afraid to mix different styles, models, colors, or prints. What matters is to innovate and rock this summer with your vintage bikini from grandma's time with great pride and style.

Swimsuit - Aliexpress | Vintage White Sunglasses - Amazon

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