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I love to travel, the excitement of planning the trip and the outfits brings me a lot of joy. I got an extra day off at work because of the 4th of July holiday. The opportunity I was praying for. I just packed, and here I go again to Atlantic City. There are plenty of options to entertain in AC, the Casinos, the nightlife, the restaurants, the concerts, the swimming pool of the hotel, and the beach. Not all those facilities are open, but nothing prevented me from having fun with the necessary precautions despite the restricted situation. Breaking the routine is an adequate way for me to decompress, especially after working more than ever for the past three months.

The biggest trend for flattering suits right now is off the shoulder/one-shoulder pieces. The H&M swimsuit I am wearing is a collaboration with the Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz. Ruffles, chic prints, and maxi dresses are her signature.

I wasn't planning on buying another beachwear style this year. Well, this piece didn't go unnoticed. I first saw the black and white version online. However, when I went to the physical store, the beige/leaf pink caught my attention. Besides, my closet has a lot of black and white pieces. Plus, according to H&M, the polyamide content is recycled.

A ruffled one-shoulder bodysuit is an excellent option for those who like trends. In the puffier versions, it does not go unnoticed. But for those women who are more discreet, opt on smaller ruffles. Keep in mind that It is worth betting on what is more your style. All women can wear ruffled designs if they are feeling comfortable. But as we know, the volume will highlight the region where it is present, being ideal for Brazilian women (like me) with little bust and bigger hips. If your case is the opposite with a lot of breasts, invest in V-neck style.

This is the right piece for romantic women. If you still don't know how to identify your style, take it easy, you can bring other elements that represent your personality to compose your outfit.

Here are some of the reasons to invest in the ruffled style:

  • You will completely change the vibe of your look with the ruffles.

  • There are several options to choose from. Go for the ones that best represent you. The trick is to bring the elements that constitute the mood of each occasion.

  • A ruffled swimsuit is an easy way to look on-trend this season, but make sure to choose the right ruffle to flatter your figure. Ruffles are bulky and add volume, so be conscious.

  • There are plenty of swimsuits out there for all types of bodies. Whether you have a small chest, are a curvier gal, or have a long torso. There's a swimsuit out there that's destined for your gorgeous figure!

I have melasma, and the exposure on the sun makes it worse. As much as I love the sunlight, I will not get a tan without covering my face, except when swimming. Therefore, you will always see me wearing a hat and obviously sunscreen. In particular, Hats are a tricky accessory and one that people tend to be hesitant to try out. But fear not! They can really elevate your style. The Prada light purple sunglasses create a statement by matching with the swimsuit colors.

I must confess that writing is the hardest part when creating a new post, but this time my challenge was to choose the photos to post as I liked all of them. There is more to come, I will update in the following weeks. Stick around!

Swimsuit - H&M | Sunglasses - Prada | Rattan Bag - Amazon | Hat - Panama Jack | Earrings - Boutique de Semi Joias

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