• Luciana Vieira


Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Going to a concert or a rock roll pub? Band tees are an obvious choice!

Biker jackets and biker boots, leather pants and leather jackets, studs and spikes…and a lot of black color clothes are perfect choice for stylish rock outfit.

Anthony Kiedis vocalist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was my teenage crush S2. When the band first came to my city for a concert, I booked a room in the same hotel they were staying. I was mentally prepared to shake his hands and get a photo. Unfortunately after nine hours of waiting, my opportunity to meet them failed. As they were leaving the hotel, I noticed one of the band members named flea and dashed towards him, but his bodyguard didn’t allow me to get closer.

My story explains why I am wearing a Red Hot Chilli Peppers band tee, doesn't it?

I wanted to keep my outfit monochrome by wearing these awesome separates, including black blazer, black skirt and studded boots.

You can never go wrong. Pairing your band tee with a black leather jacket and chunky boots is anything but basic and great for a nice outdoor or indoor concert. 

Keep the overall appearance elegant, but add some details, which will identify your personality, like my belt-bag and hat.

Red Hot chilli Peppers have no concerts scheduled in NY/NJ this year. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

Blazer - Pierre Cardin | Skirt and Top - Aliexpress | Belt Bag - Forever 21 | Hat - H&M | Boots - Circus By Sam Edelman

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