• Luciana Vieira


Lately, I've had a high desire to get all dressed up before the summer is gone. We have only one month left. I will take advantage of the weather and take as many photos as I can.

If there's one thing that comes and goes, it's fashion! It is common to see a style that was a trend in the past and return to the runways repeatedly. It is a fact that polka dot is a classic print and has never left many women's closets. It is worth investing in a mix of two or three pieces with this pattern to take the outfit to the next level.

Nowadays, it is worth daring and playing a print mix throughout the look, and the same applies to the polka dot. The cool thing is to explore the variety of print options, or even include a second type of print to the composition, such as animal print.

For those women who like to be different, betting on an asymmetric polka dot piece is a very stylish option like my skirt. When I found this skirt, I knew right away that I wanted to make it a vital part of this outfit. The pattern is medium dots, which creates a beautiful, layered appearance of texture. It adds depth to the outfit. The possibilities to combine the skirt with shirts are limitless. Still, I opted for a spaghetti strap top—the two pieces with the same color balance the skirt's swing; besides, the rattan crossbody bag has been the default bag of the summer. To complete my look, I wore caramel sandals and Prada sunglasses.

And finally, for those who do not want to invest in polka dot clothes, it is worth investing in accessories like sunglasses, scarves, bags, sneakers, bracelets, earrings, and more. A polka dot accessory can make all the difference both in a basic look or the more sophisticated ones.

Skirt - Zara | Rattan Crossbody Bag - Amazon | Sandals - Marlene Fantini | Sunglasses - Prada

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