• Luciana Vieira


One of those fashion patterns I literally keep stocked in my closet is the polka dots. I can't get enough of them. Big, small, ditzy, broad. I just think that polka dots compliment any girl's outfit because they are so versatile. Besides, Polka dot prints have been a style statement for a very long time. Another style that I absolutely love it's a maxi dress. The model is not only the most comfortable outfit that looks good on every woman, but it is also very versatile. You can go from a sophisticated dress to a little more daring. Suitable for work or going out on the weekend. A polka dots maxi dress is always an excellent choice for the day and for the night. This retro-inspired print is versatile and can be worn on various occasions like parties, girl's day out, vacations, dinner dates, and more.

The dress of my choice has puffy sleeves. Even though the style was launched in 2018, according to Vogue, this trend is here to stay. There were plenty of options on how to pair accessories, shoes, and bags. I opted for yellow suede pumps with the green cassette bag as I wore this outfit for a night out. Along with the shoes, the earrings are made of suede.

There is a multitude of shoe models that can match maxi dresses. I could also pair the dress with flat shoes, sneakers, sandals, wedges, boots. However, it is necessary to know which and how to combine depending on the time of day and occasion.

Don't you just love this dress?

Dress - H&M | Sunglasses - Fendi

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