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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

This season, it’s all about statement sleeves. If you’ve spent any time perusing 2018/2019 fashion trends, you’ll know that puff sleeves aren’t going anywhere—in fact, they’re getting bigger and bolder.

Puff sleeves are the kind of fashion trend that reminds me of my childhood in the late ’80s and early ’90s but they’re now in modern form from sleek, Victorian-inspired sleeves to delicate and surprisingly chic.

These larger silhouettes look great on the runway, but it could be tricky to fit your wardrobe, puff sleeves dresses are easiest to try out than tops since they’re more versatile. For the outfit of the day my choice was the light blue belted puff sleeve dress from Zara purchased last weekend on 5th Avenue.

This dress has a romantic appeal and I believe it’s perfect for a date night or to a fancy restaurant when you want a more conservative type of night. This sophisticated piece will present a more classy look for your date.

The bag what can I say, I can’t resist treating myself each season to a luxury new addition to my handbag collection and if you have read my latest posts you are aware that the Dior Book Tote is the most wanted that I currently have.

The Dior Oblique looks just perfect with the dress even though it has an atypical size and the same color stiletto pointed heels complete the look.

Dress - Zara | Book Tote Bag - Dior

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