• Luciana Vieira


Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker? I’m more of a rule follower. But when it comes to fashion “rules”, we are all about breaking them! Let’s break the fashion rules and wear sequins and sparkle in the daytime. Why not?

Nothing makes a statement like a sparkly dress but how to accessorize a sequin dress and style it correctly is the key to rocking a classy look. 

Sequined styles are a fierce choice and one usually reserved for special occasions when you want to look stunning, however, there are plenty of ways to wear sequins without looking too over the top whether you are going to go for a day casual wear or a bit dressier for a night out.

My outfit of the day it’s a night out dress, as the medium sleeve green dress shine by itself I wanted to keep my hair simple and fun. Shoes are a big deal, and the right shoe choice can make or break your sequined outfit, I wore the same color squared toe heeled stiletto to complete the look. 

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