• Luciana Vieira


I have read once that dancing releases feel-good hormones. I must confess I love to dance!

 I wore this dress for a brunch/dance party. My choice was a long sleeve black velvet dress for a Sunday afternoon out with some friends.

Some types of velvet dresses are so chic and are only suitable for the evenings, while some other styles would only look good in the mornings.

I believe velvet is one of the most flattering materials and perfect to wear for every occasion. 

If you are a dress person as I am, you can wear the garment with pump heel shoes, or boots.

When I first tried on this dress, I had no doubts about buying. It looked so perfect on my body and it also accentuates my body curves.

Dare to wear bare legs like I did if you're just running from the car to the event. However, If you can't tolerate the cold then try pairing the dress with tights.

If you need to immediately up the ante of your look with footwear, why not add a pair of elastic shiny boots to the look!

These pair of boots keeps my feet warm and protected and is versatile enough to pair with any other outfit.

Crossbody bags are the best and most practical bags you will ever find. I hardly ever carry a bag that doesn’t come with a long strap. My Love Moschino crossbody bag was my choice to complete this look.

Dress - Bebe | Boots - Neiman Marcus | Crossbody Bag - Love Moschino

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