• Luciana Vieira


Flowers, Easter, and jean jacket are just a few of the reasons why spring is the best season. It's that time of year when everybody is getting tired of this long and cold winter. I am certainly tired of it. The temperatures become more moderate, and people can enjoy the transition before a hot Summer kicks in. Days get longer, and nights get shorter.

Because the spring makes me happy today, I will talk about one of my favorite things to wear this season: the maxi dress. I wear the heck out of them in the summer, but I'm also known to wear them spring and fall as well. Floral dresses are somehow related to spring, and my choice is a trend in 2021, a rose petals ton in a coral color. The dress also has a mix of light blue and a counterbalance of black. Coral welcomes us with its warm and nourishing aura, floating and comforting in an environment in constant transformation. Besides, the print matches the flowers, don't you think? The slit dress in floor-length instantly renders it elegant and chic, and there is no need for accessories as the flowers in the scenario already complement the look. I opted for a nude sandal to complete the outfit, which is a timeless choice that will match just about every color of the ensemble. The dress also works so well with a sweater or a jacket.

I hope you are enjoying the spring as much as I am. Soon the flowers will be blooming, and the grass will be green again.

Dress - Lulus

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