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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Blue was the theme of the day. This dress gleamed against the backdrop of the sky and the hotel.

When I decided to make a last minute trip to Atlantic City with my son, I asked myself: "What do I wear?" I had already planned outfits for a trip to Florida instead. A.C. was the perfect choice, as its New Jersey's mini Vegas. This was my second trip to A.C. and the first for my son. We always have fun when we travel together and he’s my number one photographer.

For our last day in Atlantic City we planned to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. It was appropriate to wear something comfy and casual for a sunny day with fresh windy weather. I had wanted to wear this long sleeve apparel before, but this day was the perfect occasion.

A maxi dress doesn't have to be worn exclusively in summer. You can wear it in fall too.

The maxi dress is a very versatile piece of clothing and can be worn in a number of ways. It looks effortlessly feminine. I think a maxi dress makes a stunning statement on its own. You can wear your maxi dress during the day and it stays striking into the night.

Some short girls feel that a maxi dress will not suit them properly. But I am petite and I wear maxi dresses all the time. Actually, they’re my wardrobe essentials. The maxi dress is a very versatile piece of clothing and can be worn in a number of ways; it looks effortlessly feminine.

As you can see, I choose accessories in the same colors that appear in the dress to keep it all tied together. I have had this small bucket bag as a part of my bag collection for years and I still love carrying it with me on my trips. Believe it or not, the classic drawstring bucket bag has origins from the early 20th century.  Well I love vintage clothing, shoes, accessories etc.

The cat eye white sunglasses are my favorite of the season and match the printing on the dress. Monochromatic outfits are the fashionista's “must wear” for fall/winter 2019.

My son is stylish too! He knows how to dress up.

My son never disappoints me. Even though he’s not a professional photographer he envisions the scene and delivers better than planned by getting the right angle or the perspective for the photos. And he doesn’t like it when I edit the photos. Well I didn’t have too!

Our outfits macth

Dress - Zara | Boots - Circus by Sam Edelman | Crossbody Bag - Saks 5th Avenue

Felipe's is wearing: Shirt, shorts and Nylon Logo Crossbody Bag- Lacoste | Sneakers - Vans | Hat - Nike | Sunglasses - Fendi

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