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Versatile, modern, and sophisticated, wide-leg pants have won the hearts of fashionistas who value comfort and elegance in their day-to-day looks. You are about to find out what types of wide-leg pants are back in style, do these bottoms make you look fat, shorter, either taller, what shoes can you wear with them, can plus size ladies wear these pants? It looks fantastic on almost every type of body for different occasions, by just changing the top and accessories.

Who can wear it? This pair of pants is perfect for lengthening the silhouette because it's long, and its straight fit greatly favors women with wide hips. As it does not taper towards the feet, it creates the illusion of a vertical line, without highlighting the actual width of the hips.

It is not only suitable for short women who have a small chest. They contribute to making the silhouette more disproportionate, as it has more volume at the bottom. I suggest that you try this model with high heels; however, if you would like to compose a more casual look, try wearing it accompanied by shoes with thicker heels or wedges.

There is no mystery, but some observations are essential when wearing this piece. In the same way that it can provide you with an elegant look and lengthen your silhouette, it can also compose a disharmonious look. In this guide, you will receive great tips for not making mistakes when styling wide-leg pants.

  • Pay attention to the length of your trousers. This is straight-cut pants with wide legs, the range cannot cover your feet thoroughly. So, it is necessary that at least your toes are exposed.

  • If you have short legs, it's worth betting on a high waist model.

  • Sober and neutral tones provide a formal and elegant look.

  • The shorter girls can bet on a top in the same shade as the pants, this will give the feeling of being taller.

  • For stripped looks bet on vibrant prints and combine with a cropped or basic blouse.

  • Try pairing with cropped tops or bodysuits. A fitted bodysuit will effectively frame your figure and make it visually more slender.

Wide Leg Trousers - Saks Modas | Cropped top - Forever 21 | Shoes - Marlene Fantini | Crossbody Bag - Moschino | Sunglasses - Fendi

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