• Luciana Vieira


The plaid dress is a classic that never goes out of style. It has an elegant feel. Besides, it is a must-have in all-female wardrobes. The plaid print has a retro feel, that’s why you should opt for modern cuts. It can be your favorite wardrobe essential, so why don’t you make it look awesome? Check out a unique way to rock in a plaid dress.

The length depends on the occasion: the longer models are ideal for day and night, change the accessories for different productions. For summer and, informal occasions, bet on shorter pieces. The intention is to create a sexy, confident, and comfortable look.

Plaid and jeans are very democratic. A denim jacket completes the look and provides a modern touch to the production. Tie it around your waist for a youthful, cool effect.

Not sure how to choose the color combinations for the plaid dress? Keep in mind that neutral tones are easier to match and are always on the rise. If you are more daring and a fashionista, don't be afraid to bet on intense and vibrant patterns. In case you can't make up your mind, know that red plaid never goes out of style and looks good on everyone.

I opted for a classic black and white combination. To keep it simple, I paired the dress with black heels and, to spice up, I added a pink straw bag.

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