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December has come again; it is a busy month. Season of the year that I get to spend time with my family. Also, it's summer in Latin America. As Brazil lies in the Southern Hemisphere, its seasons are the exact opposite of Northern Hemisphere residents. So I am here to enjoy the holidays and the sunny days with all necessary precautions.

I must confess that I did overpacking for this vacation. But the good thing is: I will take advantage of the weather and post plenty of summer outfits. Few dresses have been specially selected for this trip, like today's outfit; the Zara belted ecru and black and white animal print puff sleeve midi dress. Stick around to learn more about this style.

Balloon sleeves were one of the biggest trends in the 80s that are back to the runway. They add volume to the upper arms and bring fashion information to any look. The sleeves can be super dramatic or more restrained, but both can upgrade your production. Having a balloon sleeves piece in the closet is having a friend for all hours:

  • It will give charm to the dull look.

  • It can be the highlight piece for any fashionista production.

  • It provides that "neat" look when you need to be more formal.

It is practically a garment-shaped accessory. The volume will give a very feminine and delicate image, but if you want a more relaxed result, put on heavier shoes, such as boots. The balloon sleeve piece can have other textures, fabrics, and colors, conveying different proposals. Blouses and denim shirts are more urban, and tailored overalls are elegant - without necessarily very feminine - and short dresses deliver a sexier feel.

As I mentioned before, my dress is from Zara. My wardrobe is compost for several pieces from the Spanish brand. I love their feminine and unique style. Besides, my love for the black and white mix is not a secret. I paired the dress with metallic pink flat shoes matching the shoulder bag. Flat sandals are engineered to provide daylong comfort. The oversized sunglasses complete the look.

Dress - Zara | Flat Shoes - Arezzo | Shoulder Bag - Micheal Korrs | Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs

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