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Since the lockdown started, I haven't had the chance to go to Central Park. It was pleasant to go there on the weekends. Unusual, the city is ultimately empty compared to what it was before, so the park. But life is gradually going back to normal in New York. A perfect occasion to have a fashion photo shooting done, plus I had a great time with my son and photographer. For the walk in the park, I decided to wear something casual and comfortable. Consequently, in today's article, I bring you an excellent street style look with white sneakers.

It was a rainy Sunday. Temperatures ranged from 68 to 70 degrees; because of that, I decided to wear my gray plaid skirt suit set with white sneakers. Besides, suits and dresses are my registered trademark.

The suit and skirt combination became famous after Coco Chanel launched the style in the 50s and 60s. The good thing about this outfit is that it can be both formal and casual. The trend is very suitable for chili days as the blazer will keep you warm.

This composition is a feminine classic. While the trousers still took time to be incorporated into the female wardrobe, in the 20th century, skirts were already part of their clothing. Thus, the blazer arrived early in the suit, making the composition between a skirt and jacket. Although this set is very associated with the traditional looks of the 50/60s, today, it is possible to make very young, modern, and stylish productions with the two pieces set. For footwear, combining sneakers with formal could be unexpected, but, at the same time, fantastic. While choosing this outfit idea, ensure that you are choosing the right pair of sneakers. This will give you a streamlined aesthetic look and stylish enough for any casual occasion. The colored oversized tote bag brings some color to the composition and completes the look.

Suit set and Bodysuit - H&M | Sneakers and Tote bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Fossil

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