• Luciana Vieira


November brings the end of autumn in New Jersey. However, temperatures are still reaching the 70s degrees. I love to take advantage of the weather by showing up some skin. In today's outfit, my choice was a bodycon dress. The style is the go-to outfits for women who want to get all dolled up without putting in too much effort. They are flattering and highlights the curves just right. So, if you are in for a date or just about to have a fun night, slipping into one will surely amp up your style game. Besides, floral prints are vast and indefinite. Choosing one that is complementary to your body and style is essential. The choices are infinite.

There are plenty of ways how to style bodycon dress. While these are commonly used in dressing up, specific style tips can make them look relaxed and casual. By pairing it with the right shoes and low-key accessories, you can look extra fashionable with your bodycon casual outfit. Long bodycon dresses have more tendency to look classier than their shorter counterparts. And I confess I prefer the midi length model.

Shoes have the power to make or break your floral outfit. That's why I particularly choose one that matches the yellow floral print of the dress. I could also opt for sober shades and peer the dress color.

Although prints and patterns are often a challenge to pull off, your floral dress quickly becomes as versatile with a bit of concentrated effort. Keep things simple and natural if you wish, or take it up a notch and show off your fashion sense with contrasting patterns.

Bodycon Dress - Tommy Hilfiger | Strapped Sandals - Steve Madden

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