• Luciana Vieira


Rural tourism delights my eyes. My father used to own a property in the country when I was a kid. I remember him driving us (mom, brother, and sister) to the farm on the weekends with sertanejo music on the radio. Good time in my life! The ability to disconnect from the digital world and live the real experience with nature recharge my energies. Direct contact with nature is part of my essence. Besides, breathing the fresh air of the countryside makes me feel renovated.

This was the last weekend with temperatures reaching the 70s. Therefore, I wore shorts and a puff sleeve top with an open flat toe. The colorful look contrasts with the colors of the environment. Well, flat toe sandals are not exactly farm-friendly, but they facilitate direct contact with nature and match the bag. However, the Handmade Rhinestone Woven Straw Bag is the perfect accessory, no matter the size or the type. Sunglasses are always welcome on a sunny day.

Shorts/Straw bag - ZARA | Top - H&M | Sunglasses - Prada

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