• Luciana Vieira


As time progresses, people have been increasingly and largely embracing the bohemian way of life. Also known as boho, the concept of free minds and a nomadic lifestyle has influenced various aspects, whether it be clothing, home decor, and even weddings. This design translates into clothes and accessories full of hippie, gypsy, vintage and, rock influences. It is in fashion since the 17th century and doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

The style is usually noticed in the looks due to the presence of fluid fabrics, ethnic prints, embroidery, and fringes. However, a simple mix of accessories can also contribute to boho information when setting up a look. The uniqueness of this trend can be experienced by wearing the simplest printed maxi that you always have in your wardrobe combined with hats and boots.

Some music festivals, especially the Coachella, which takes place in California, are a kind of showcase of the Bohemian style. In addition to the anonymous people who attend the event, many celebrities exhibit visuals laden with boho influences and inspire the look of fashionistas around the world.

Dress - Hippie Fair of Brasília | Straw Bag - Amazon | Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana

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