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"Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is perfect harmony". Coco Chanel

Summer, beach, pool, tanning. Here is another outfit I wore on my trip to Atlantic City. We went to this fashionable restaurant/pool located on the beach. It was my first time there, and I couldn’t have chosen a better outfit. Black and white was my choice for the occasion. The palette combined perfectly with the atmosphere. Besides like Chanel, I’ve always been an enthusiast for the black and white duo. The two colors combo would never stop being a classic. Whoever wears black and white on any instance, never makes a mistake. Besides, acquiring pieces with traditional colors is a good investment as they will never be outdated.

This outfit, including the polka dots scarf, is another purchased from H&M, along with the ruffled beige/pink swimsuit from the previous post. I bought them separately, but it looks like it is two pieces set. The bottom fits me perfectly. I can adjust the knot on the sides, besides wide hips, ask for bottoms with wider sides, as support. Well, I am petite with curvy hips. When shopping for those outfits, I could not try them on. Luckily I found the pink leaf swimsuit on XS size, and the two separated pieces are small, the accurate size.

At first glance, it may seem simple to wear this classic. But I recommend it: playing with black and white can be much more exciting than we think.

It is not because they are only two pieces that the bikini should not fit in some patterns and fabrics. The zebra style of the top modernizes the look, the polka dots of the scarf creates a statement. The contrast of the prints looks just good combined together.

The trick of wearing different prints is that they must have at least two or three colors from the same family to be harmonious. And one must always be more dominant than the other. In this outfit, black is dominant, and they are opposites colors. If one print has geometric motifs, the other must follow the same logic: have straight or diagonal lines. If they are floral, the other can have waves, hearts, or a single color, highlighting everything else.

The sunglasses are essential when at the pool or the beach. Larger lenses cover a vast area and prevent light from entering around the sides of shades. A bonus benefit is that oversized sunglasses are super trendy.

Along with the sunglasses, the beach cover-up is another must-have. Once you spent enough time on the sun, just put on your beach cover-up, and you’re ready to leave. Or, if you don’t feel like showing too much when walking through common areas, the cover-up is a must. I wanted to keep my look classic by choosing an oversized white sleeved cover-up blouse. The Dior Book Tote was the beach carry on at this time. The bag doesn’t pass the criteria of sand proof, but it is oversized, besides a fancy accessory matches the vibes of the place.

As you can see, summer means complete freedom for me and, I am making the best of it. My suggestion:

  • Get dress or rather undress.

  • Face the mirror.

  • Wear your best bikini.

  • Enjoy the sunny days while it lasts!

Bikini and Scarf - H&M | Cover up - Amazon | Sunglasses - Carolina Herrera | Book Tote Bag - Dior

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