• Luciana Vieira


When I decided to wear this last-minute outfit, I had no idea how good it would look. The plan was to go to a barbeque first and then go to the beach. I try on my swimsuit and, the skirt was something randomly chosen that ended up coming out splendid.

The reason I like this type of clothing is that not only are slits skirts sexy, but they’re also flattering.

The slit, which can be lateral or frontal, is a super beautiful way to show your legs and compose great combinations. I opted to combine with a flat sandal. Perhaps this is the most common way to see the mix, but it is worth remembering that this style tends to make the look more comfortable and less formal. Furthermore, it can still be risky for short girls, since the long skirt tends to flatten the body.

This combo is an ideal composition for everyday life, as values comfort without losing style. When producing the look, the bet was on the black skirt with a frontal slit. The white polka dot swimsuit keeps the classic combination of the black and white look. Well, one more time I wore polka dot and, there is more to come. Nevertheless, I will explain more about the bathing suit in the next post.

The bag and the accessories create a statement. Besides, the rattan bag is all the rage among fashionistas. Designed in Bali, these bags have a unique bohemian vibe. The best part is these bags is that they look great with numerous outfits. And, the round white sunglasses are my new obsession, I can’t stop wearing it!

Skirt - Forever 21 | Swimsuit - No Boundaries | Rattan Bag - Amazon

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