• Luciana Vieira


A style that came from the 70s flared pants are on the verge of a significant comeback. Nowadays, from discreet to the most extravagant is an excellent trend in the fashion world, making it the outfit even more incredible. Years ago, shiny legs were restricted to the fitness world. However, they have been transformed into activewear that deserves one spot in your wardrobe.

This style is perfect for all body shapes. All women can wear it. The coolest thing is that they give the feeling of thinning the waist since the piece is tighter in the hip and broader below the knee. If you have wide shoulders or hips, bet on these pants. Therefore, if your doubt is because you are short, don’t worry. I am a 5’2’ tall. Women of short stature are not excluded from this trend, have in mind that the pants have the perfect waistband! Choose on a higher waist to enhance the body and lengthen the silhouette like my choice. They even lengthen your legs and can accentuate your feminine figure.

The style I am wearing is ultra-comfortable as it stretches. Besides, I like to mix up textures and fabrics, but I opted for a polka dots top with a matte finish contrasting with the glow of the pants. The boots and bag stayed in the same pattern. The punk style maxi drops earrings in silver gave a touch of refinement to the look. Keep in mind that the right accessory makes the outfit sophisticated and streamlined.

Polka Dots Bodysuit - Zara | Blazer - H&M | Boots - Neiman Marcus | Chain Crossbody Bag - Love Moschino | Sunglasses - Fendi Peekaboo | Punk Earrings - Claires

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