• Luciana Vieira


The belted dress's most significant success was in the '50s and 60's, women worn the accessory to mark the waist as a symbol of femininity. But, rest assured that this look is democratic! Everyone can bet on a dress with a belt and go around rocking. And the best: in any season! All dress styles can be embellished with a belt, thick or thin, depending on your biotype and the effect you want to create. I frequently wearing a belt in my productions.

Who never worn that look that was super boring, and suddenly when you put on a belt, everything changed? This is because it shapes the silhouette and helps to highlight the parts you want to favor in your body. Besides, there is also the question of enriching the look. Belts can be anything from an auxiliary that shapes the waist to a crucial part of your entire outfit.

Belted Dress - Zara | Shoulder Bag - Michael Kors | Tie Leg Flat Shoes - Carmen Steffens | Sunglasses - Prada

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