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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

December has arrived! The days are short and the temperature has dropped. Time to take the coats out of the closet.

Whenever I think of winter dressing, black apparel immediately come to mind. I tend to gravitate towards dark colors when it’s cold.

I wore this outfit for Thanksgiving dinner.

My favorite thing to wear in winter are thermal leggings because of the warmth and comfortability.

To add, my long sleeve polka dot top is a garment that I can’t stop wearing, no matter if it’s summer or winter. I noticed this top was in a movie that I recently watched called "I feel pretty".

My base layer for this look is a light pink Zara blazer, and is a piece I wear regularly to add additional warmth to my winter outfits (especially when I want to wear something other than black).

Fun Fact: Blazers, a few decades ago, were formal. However, the scenario has changed dramatically. I wear blazer to work, to go shopping, to do groceries, to travel… I just love blazers! To add some style to this outfit, I added the Dior belt. Belted blazer outfit is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon, so if you haven’t yet hopped on the belted blazer bandwagon, now’s the time.

Lastly, I always enhance this look with platform boots which is also a mix of combat boot. Women wore this iconic style from the '60s, '70s, and even the ‘90s and is currently in fashion on this present day.

Polka Dot Long Sleeve Shirt and Hat - H&M | Belt - Dior | Blazer - Zara | Coat - Gap

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