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Bikini and belt combo?: Do you think this pair is unusual? Well, you can get ready to see it often. Several fashionistas are loving this combination, and we bet it will become a trend!

The two pieces set is the most expensive bikini I've purchased this summer. It's from the brand Bleu Rod Beattie. It was the first time I heard about this designer, and It's worth the price! The quality is superior.

While a bandeau bikini top can be a great choice if you plan on spending your time soaking up the sun and getting the perfect bronzed glow, the high waist is the opposite as you can only get a partial tan. When I bought it, I visualized myself wearing it in a pool. Plus, it is a sophisticated bikini set, so the hotel. Perfect match!

Despite the retro design, new features, prints, patterns, and new colors appear to update the piece. Following the same contour of the pants, the high waist defines the silhouette and underlines the curves: that's why I have a few swimwear following the same line. One of the Brazilian fashion bloggers that I follow posts on her social media photos wearing high waist bikini and swimsuit outfits. She's super skinny, but like me, she opts for the same style. She's in her late 30s; it's appropriated for mature women to wear discrete outfits.

However, the question that does not want to remain silent: Who can wear a high-waisted bikini? The answer is encouraging; everyone can use it! Younger girls can also use this style. The idea is to feel confident and comfortable with yourself. This style also looks terrific on the plus-size body, as well as on a slim body.

The strapless bikini highlights the bust of the woman. It's feminine and attractive. But some precautions must be taken when using this bikini model, as it does not have a support strap, extra care must be taken so that the piece does not move when bathing in the sea or even the swimming pool.

Check some good reasons for you to invest in the bandeau high waist bikini: It is vintage! Several trends come back from the past; the bikinis were not left out.

Bandeau tops are an excellent choice for women with smaller busts since they will be extra flattering and will always give you a great fit. Another benefit of wearing a bandeau bikini top is that it can easily be worn under a strapless dress or top instead of a strapless bra, allowing you to transition from the seaside to happy hour easily.

If you have big breasts, wear tops with buckles, laces, or details in the center of the bust that highlight that part of the body and be careful with the sides: it is good that they are reinforced to have better support. Another extra care: do not overtighten the top. We don't want to create the impression that the breast is jumping out of the bikini.

Bikini Set - Bleu Rod Beattie | Sunglasses - Fendi

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