• Luciana Vieira


Updated: May 26, 2021

When I was invited to César and Rhana's wedding, my first thought was the dress.

While many people tie the knot in their hometowns, others decide to go to another city or country for a destination wedding. The bride and the groom's choice was an awarded themed hotel and spa in the country with breathtaking views.

Great experience except for the part that the AC wasn't working in my room.

It was a gathering of fewer than 30 guests due to the pandemic. The bride was stunning in her extra-length dress. Although it happened in Covid times, it was an amazing and unique wedding.

I previously selected other dresses, but I instantly fell in love with this red lace 3/4 sleeve gown when shopping for shoes. I thought that would be the perfect choice for the wedding. Wearing a red lace dress is a very safe bet. Besides, it can make you look feminine and sharp. Most female guests opt for offset pastels with similar pale shades, such as pallid pink and lemon, baby blue and beige, or cream and purple, but I wanted the opposite. I wasn't wrong! Wearing a lace dress allure with class, and you'll have a classic that's never off-trend. The dress has a mature look (remember that looking mature has nothing to do with looking old). I prefer my fashion choices to be recognized for elegance instead of sexy.

Styling my hair with a bun and a flower slightly reminds a Flamenco Spanish dancer. Still, I thought it was appropriate for the occasion. As the dress itself creates a statement, I kept the accessories low-key except for the matching 3D flower clutch chain bag. You can buy the same clutch here. To complete the look, I paired the dress with nude red open-toe sandals, the same gown designer.

Red lace gown and nude open toe heels - Escada | 3D flower clutch - Aliexpress (Click here to buy)

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